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DTB Workout 2


Primary Concern:

Provide the best stimulus to widest range of muscles using a cable machine's capabilities. This efficient use of cables will yield the best muscle size and strength increases.

Best Stimulus:

While cable machines can be used in both compound and isolation movements, many compound movements can be inconvenient, awkward, equipment dependent or even less effective when done using cables. More details on the downsides to cable exercises can be found later.

For now, let's assume sticking with a majority of isolation types of exercises will produce the most efficient use of gym equipment in stimulating growth.

Widest Range Of Muscles:

A full-body workout is definitely possible through strict cable usage only. However, additional equipment, like ankle cuff straps, might be needed to work lower body muscles. With this in mind, our workouts will be designed primarily to target upper body growth using equipment available at most every gym.

If additional lower body work is desired, they are best incorporated using free weights or machines and can be scheduled on any of the days labeled "off" in the following layout. With cables, many different ranges of motion are possible for the same muscle, and the routine will take advantage of that.



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1.5 Hours